GE Peacekeeper Home Security System Description

GE Peacekeeper Home Alarm

The Peacekeeper System© system includes:

  • One command station

  • One battery backup

  • One transformer

  • Three door/window sensors

  • One motion detector

  • Three window decals/ One yard sign

  • $250 insurance deductible certificate and premier warranty



Command Station:
This attractive countertop console speaks to you in plain English, giving audible voice instructions that assures your system is operating properly at all times. By simply pushing the Status button you can be notified of an open door or window, low battery, etc. The internal siren will activate immediately to let an unwanted intruder know they have selected the wrong home.

One Button Arming:
You arm your system by pushing a single button. The GE Peacekeeper comes with entry/exit delays at the doors you select, and you can also put these same doors and windows on instant alert with the push of a single button.

Door Chime:
The system will, at your request, act as a door chime. Should your child try to slip out a door unattended, the system will pleasantly notify you.

Pager Feature:
The system has a pager feature. Should your child not return from school at the proper time and turn off the system, the system can be programmed to page you.

24-hour Emergency Button:
You have access to an emergency panic button that allows you to summon help 24 hours a day


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