Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips


Area lighting is one of the best home security items you can install. Burglar's do not want to be seen. Doorways and window areas should be well lit. FBI statistics show that 82% of the time, entrance is gained though home doors. Most often the front.

Do not leave your front porch light on, this is letting everyone know you are not at home. There are very good solar powered landscape lights available to provide area lighting. Don't get the cheap ones, for about $40 each, the bright ones provide excellent wide coverage lighting.

Use light timers when you are away from home.

Alarm Systems

Do not set your alarm to continually sound once triggered, just set it for a few minutes. A burglar has got the message once it sounds. You do not want to disturb your neighbor.

Do not use silent alarms.

Phone Lines

Check where your phone line enters your house. If your lines are above ground and at ground level, consider running them through metal conduit to prevent being cut.

Lock outside power switch boxes (located by electric meter). Most of these boxes contain circuit breakers that will shut off power to the entire home with the flick of a switch. Most electrical boxes come with a lock hasp already mounted into it. Putting a lock on this box will prevent or delay the burglar from shutting the power off.

Signs and stickers

Do not underestimate the value of yard signs and window stickers. Burglars will chose a home without home security system signage versus one with.


Statistics show that burglars picked locks only 20% of the time. So don't think that locks are going to keep anybody out. There is an old saying that "locks are for honest people." But remember to lock your doors when your at home.

Keep windows locked while you are asleep. Quick fix window block - put screws in the window track halfway up


Burglars almost always "case" a home before breaking in. If you see strangers around your neighborhood, call your local law enforcement.

Hide Valuables

Phony wall switches are available to hide expensive small items such as jewelry.

If you want to put them into a safe, make sure the safe is bolted down or so heavy that it could not be moved easily.

Another good hiding place, in between stacks of pots in your kitchen.

Wireless video surveillance

Do not use wireless video systems for the inside of your house. "Hard wired" systems are better. You might be surprised as to how easy someone can receive your wireless video signal. Discovery channel showed a special on security where 2 men were driving around in a neighborhood and picking the signals up inside of a SUV. Scary thought.

Sliding Patio Doors

Very vulnerable to being forced open. A quick fix to this is to put a wood stick in the track. Vertical dead bolt locks are also a good option for sliding or French style doors. Down side to bars and vertical locks - during an emergency it could pose problems for small children or disabled persons.

Tools and Ladders

Do not leave tools or ladders lying around the yard. Screwdrivers, pry bars, hammers and ladders can be used by burglars to gain entrance to your home.

Also, trim any tree limbs that could provide access to the top of house.

ID Valuables

Engrave your name and / or telephone number on valuables (i.e. - tv's, computers, etc.). Record the serial numbers of all items. These steps will help in the event you need to recover your things.

Take the time to photograph or video record everything you own. Store all of your inventory records in a safe deposit box (or other safe place). Very important for insurance claims.


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