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I/O- Input / Output

IC - Integrated Circuit. A CPU is a integrated circuit with various types of electronic circuits inside of it.

Icon - A small picture used to represent a function.

IDE - Integrated Device Electronics. A hard drive interface.

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IIS - Internet Information Server or Internet Information Services

Image - Describes a file of a picture.

Impedance - Resistance of a cable in relation to the transmission of signals or flow of electricity. Impedance is measured in ohms.

Incremental backup - The process of only backing up the files modified since the last full backup.

Indexed - In terms of search engines, it means that your site is included within its database of web sites.

Infinite Loop - A computer programming term that refers to a loop that never ends. Not a good thing to happen.

Inductance - The ability of a coil to establish a voltage within itself to oppose changes in current through its windings. Unit of measure is 'henry'. The symbol is 'H'.

Infrared - Wireless devices that work by using a light. Example - satellite tv remote.

Inkjet Printer -  A printer that works by spraying ink onto paper. Click here for more information about inkjet and laser printers | Here is an article about how an inkjet printer works.

Input device - Any piece of hardware that gives input to a computer. Examples - mouse, keyboard

Insulator - Non-conductive resistant materials (rubber, plastic, etc.) that keep electricity on its path.

Interactive - This term, often just a "buzz" word, actually means for an electronic device and a human to come in contact with each other. In short, when you power up a computer, you have just "interacted" with your computer.

Interface - Any hardware or software that connects a computer to another electronic or software system.

Internet - First developed by the United States Department of Defense in the 1970's, this is the worldwide collection of networked computers. In the simplest terms, think of the Internet as one humongous network.

Internet Flamers - People using insulting or derogatory language to other users in a forum. Sometimes called internet trolls.

Invert - When electricity or a electronic signal is reversed.

IP - Internet Protocol. Click here for information about IP address.

IPTV - Internet Protocol Television. A broadband use protocol that will easily allow television over the internet. Click here to read more about IPTV.

IPX / SPX - Internet Work Packet Exchange /  Sequenced Packet Exchange. A network protocol associated with Netware (Novell).

IRQ - Interrupt Request. This refers to the 16 interrupt channels that a PC can use to get the CPU's attention. When devices share IRQ's, it can cause problems like locking up a computer. Most newer pc's automatically control IRQ resources. In some circumstances, it might be necessary to manually configure IRQ allocations in the BIOS settings.

ISA - Industry Standard Protocol

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO - International Standards Organization. Organizations that set the rules for different types of standards. Example - ISO 9001 is a manufacturing quality standard. ISO 14001 is an environmental standard.

ISP - Internet Service Provider. Name says it all. This is who sells internet access. Here is an article about cheap ISP's and we completely agree. We have had the best success with BellSouth Dial up services with free Propel accelerator. Runs about $10 a month (used to be $5 but they just increased it). Rates do depend on whether or not you have other services through them.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response. A technology that allows interaction between a caller and a database via telephone. Read here about IVR.


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