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Hacker - A person who maliciously steal data. Some words associated with hackers - warez, crakz, hakz, crack, crackers. Click here to see an in depth article about hackers.

Half Duplex -  A data transmission method in which sending and receiving of data occurs but not at the same time. Abbreviated HDX.

Haptic Feedback Touch Screen - A touch screen display that feels like you are pressing real buttons. This effect is made possible by a small motor like the one that vibrates a cell phone.

Hard Disk - The electronic storage device inside of a computer. This is were all data is stored for later retrieval. Inside of it there is a "platter". Looks like a cd. There is also a "head" that moves across the platter reading and writing data. Looks very similar to a record player. These devices are very sensitive to vibrations. One good bump while the head is operating can trash a hard drive by causing "bad sectors". DVR satellite TV systems utilize a hard drive. Here is a guide to buying hard drives.

Hardware - Any of the mechanical or electrical devices of a computer system.

Headend - The central communications center for a broadband network.

HDLC - High Level Data Link Control.

HDTV - High Definition Television. A television system with increased screen resolution. Here is information on how to install a HDTV antenna for local HDTV reception.

Heat sink - A metal fixture (usually composed of aluminum) that is installed on top of a cpu to transfer heat from the processor to a fan, thus cooling the chip. Click here for a tutorial on changing the heat sink.

Hertz - A measurement of frequency which equals one cycle per second. Abbreviated Hz.

Hex - Short for Hexadecimal

Hiperwall - An array of multiple hi definition screens that can display one picture. Currently used by first responders and research scientist.

Holographic Drive - Using lasers and mirrors, holographic discs write at speeds four times faster than blue-ray disks. The gel material is durable enough to last up to 50 years. Maxell's first commercial production of the disks will hold 300 gigabytes. Expect 1.6 terabytes by 2010 and may reach 100 terabytes.

Horsepower - A unit of measurement for motor power. One HP equals 33000 ft-lb per minute.

Hot Swap - Refers to swapping out a computer device without shutting it down. Good example would be swapping disk drives out on a laptop.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the "code" that web pages use to display web pages. To see that code, click on view in a browser, then source. Writing web pages does not require expensive software. All that is needed is Microsoft Notepad to write any style of page desired. Latest standard is 4.01. More information can be found at W3.org. Here is an article on html basics.

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This identifier is at the beginning of every single web page.

Hyperlink - A image or text that can be clicked on to carry the user to a specific location such as a web address or a specific location in a document.


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