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Gain - The ratio of input to output power.

Gate - An electronic device or software function that allows output based upon one or more inputs.

Gateway - A network device that translates information between different network protocols.

Gateway Page - A spam web page that is used to redirect to another web site.

GATR - Ground Antenna Transmit Receive. An antenna that is inflated with air much like a beach ball. It is used in remote locations to access networks.

GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. A special electrical outlet that provides additional protection against shock in wet environments.

Great Firewall - A term dubbed for the internet censorship system of the Chinese government.

Gigabyte - One billion bytes. Unit of measure for data. Abbreviated GB.

GIGO - A computer programming term that means Garbage In Garbage Out.

GPS - Global Positioning System. A US military based satellite system that provides precision location to GPS receivers anywhere on earth. Click here for more information about GPS.

GPS Cannon - a mini air cannon that mounts on a law enforcement vehicle. The cannon fires a GPS device thatís designed to stick to the back of a fleeing vehicle. The officer can then lay back at a safe speed and distance and track the suspect by satellite. .

GUI - Graphical User Interface. Pictures are used to access information. DOS was not a GUI program, but Windows gave us the ability to click on icons and menus rather than typing in text commands.


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