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Farad - The unit of measure to rate a capacitor.

Fast Ethernet - A Ethernet network that is capable of transmitting data up to 100mbps.

FAX - Facsimile. A scanner that transfers images to another FAX machine.

FAT - File allocation table. This 'table' helps a hard drive keep track of where data is stored.

FCC - Federal Communications Commission. Government agency that sets the laws for basically any type of broadcasting frequency above certain levels.

FDD - Old floppy disks are outdated and no longer viable for PC use. Click here to read an in depth article on why and new means of storage.

FDDI - Fiber Data Distributed Interface. A fiber optic network capable of transmitting data at 100 mbps.

Fiber Optic - Glass cabling where light is used to transmit data. Data can only travel in one direction, so two cables must be used. One for send and one for receive. One drawback to this type of cable is being fragile, but is extremely fast at moving data. Here is an article about the history of fiber optics.

FIFO - First In First Out. Think of this as "first come first serve basis".  Storage devices using this setting will take care of data in the order in which it was received.

FILO - First In Last Out. Just the opposite of FIFO.

Firewall - A piece a computer security hardware or software that blocks hacker attempts. Click here for an article on firewall.

FireWire - A newer type of port connection from apple (similar to USB) and very fast. Click here to see a detailed article about Fire Wire vs. USB.

Floppy - A term used for the older floppy disks that use magnetism to store data on a round disk encased in a square plastic jacket. Write protection is controlled by open or closed square notch in the upper corner of the disk. See FDD.

Flux - A material that is used to assist in soldering electronics parts by making the metals easier to join. Flux core solder has the flux already in the center of the solder wire.

FM synthesis - Type of software that tells a computer how to make simulated music instrument sounds

Font - A particular style of characters and numbers. For instance - everything on this page uses the Arial font.

Footer - Bottom table area of a document such as a word file or internet page. You can add text and images in footers.

Form Factor - Form factor refers to the size and shape of a motherboard. Read more about motherboard form factors.

Formula - In Microsoft excel, a formula automates mathematical calculations in specified cells

FORTRAN - Formula Translator. A programming language for mathematical operations. 

Forum - A specific type of website (or area of a website) that allows users to discuss topics in an orderly manner. Forums are usually dedicated to a specific topic and are great places to find help and information free of charge.

Fourth Network Revolution - A term referring to the plans of the FCC to phase out old copper wire used for POTS (plain old telephone systems) and switch all of the US infrastructure over to digital / IP systems .

FPM - Fast Page Mode. A very old type of system memory that is virtually non existent today.

Fragmented - To put it simply, this means that data on a hard drive has become disorganized. Fragmented hard drives can significantly reduce system speed. See defragmentation for more information. 

FRAM - ferroelectric random-access memory. A type of memory that retains information in the absence of electricity. See MRAM.

Freeware - Software that should be absolutely free. Be careful, a lot of freeware out there comes attached with spyware.

Full Duplex - A data transmission method in which sending and receiving of data occurs simultaneously.

Fullscreen - Allowing full use of available monitor viewing area.

Full Wave Rectifier - Uses positive and negative charge of AC voltage to produce DC voltage.

Fusible Link - A circuit protecting fuse contained within a wire.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol. Method in which files are transferred over the internet. SmartFTP is a good freeware (to students) program that gets the job done.


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