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eBay sniper - A term that refers to being outbid at the last second on eBay. Although it is against the rules, here is an article that explains manual and automatic sniping.

ECC - Error Checking and Correcting. A diagnostic check used by memory (RAM).

EDO- Extended Data Out. Older type of RAM.

EFI - Extensible Firmware Interface

EFS - Encrypting File System

EIDE - Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics

EHF - Extremely High Frequency. Radio frequency operating between 30 and 300 ghz.

Electronic Smog - A new term that refers to the dangerous electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers and WiFi masts. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by these sources is one billion times stronger than the natural field of living cells. Small children are especially susceptible to this danger because of thinner skull bones and developing nervous systems. Electromagnetic radiation is also emitted by other household sources such as kitchen appliances and computers. Find out how to protect yourself and your family here.

Electronics - the branch of tech science that makes use of the controlled motion of electrons through different media and vacuum.

Electrosensitive - A new term coined by the World Health Organization that refers to persons that can suffer from various health issues due to electromagnetic radiation.

Elevation - For satellite tv dish pointing, this term refers to moving the dish up and down.

EMI - Electromagnetic Interference. Electrical device emissions that can interfere with other electrical devices and just recently discovered, can cause serious health issues in humans.

Enable - To make a device functional.

Entanglement - A quirk of quantum physics where two particles can be bonded so that even when separated by large distances, they communicate instantly, and what happens to one affects the other. In laymen's terms, teleportation.

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. A "read only" electronic chip that can be "reprogrammed" (meaning that data can be erased or written).

Error Control - Used by modems to control data error transmissions. Turning this modem function on will increase data transfer rate.

ESDI - Enhanced Small Device Interface.

ESN - Electronic Serial Number

Ethernet - A network where the computers are connected by cables. 10base2 are connected by coaxial cable. 10baseT and 100baseT are connected by twisted pair cabling.

Ether Talk - A network protocol that allows AppleTalk to communicate across Ethernet.

EVDO - Evolution Data Optimized. A telecommunications standard for broadband wireless technology through radio signals. Used by mobile broadband 3G network.

Expansion Port - Extra slots (ports) in your motherboard where you can add on devices.

Expression - In computer programming terms, a set of calculations.

Extension - A computer file term that refers to the three letters after the dot in a file name.

Extract - This word basically means to "uncompress" files of data. Files are sometimes "compressed" (compacted or zipped) to make the file size smaller and thus easier to transfer over the internet. Once received, the files are "extracted" to original size and directory structure.

Extranet - A intranet extended into the internet. Here is a detailed explanation of extranet


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