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XML - Extensible Markup Langauge. XML has become a buzzword associated with Google sitemaps. Click here to see an article about building a Google sitemap. Click here to learn more about XML servers.

XON / XOFF - ASCII characters used to start and stop data flow.

Z - Used as an electrical symbol to represent high impedance.

Zeus Botnet - A Trojan virus that turns infected computers in 'zombies'. This particular virus has been the center of a federal investigation concerning theft of millions of dollars from US banks. See zombie and botnet definitions.

ZIF Socket - Zero Insertion Force Socket. A type of CPU socket where the CPU is held in and released by a lever.

ZIP - A file type that is compressed and must be "unzipped" before using. A good free utility is ExtractNow. Click here for an article about zip basics.

Zombie - Slang term for a computer controlled by a virus program. Computer can possibly send personal information, such a bank account info, back to the writer of the virus.


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