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WAN - Wide Area Network. A network that covers a large area.

Watercooled - Newer hi tech devices create large amounts of heat. One option is to use a water cooled system to bring the temperature down on a pc. Computer systems can be cooled with water much like a car's radiator.

WATS - Wide Area Telephone Service

Watt - A measure of electrical strength (or power). Pressure of one volt causes a current of one ampere to flow across a circuit. 

Wattage - Electrical power rating measured in watts.

Waveband - Radio wave frequencies bands.

White Spaces - Unlicensed and unused TV channels. Microsoft an other companies are developing high speed internet service through these channels.

Wifi - Wireless Fidelity. Here is an article on how to connect to the internet though Wifi.

Wiiitis - A medical condition where the wrist or elbow is injured do to repetitive motions with a Sony Wii controller. Similar to tennis elbow.

WiMax - A way to transmit very high bandwidth connections over a distance of up to 30 miles. Click here for an article about WiMax.

Winsock - Windows Sockets

Wireless - A device that uses infrared or electromagnetic signals to transfer data. Click here to see an article about wireless jargon

Wireless Phone - A wireless phone works much like a cordless phone but connects through a PSTN (public switched telephony network) instead of a POTS line (plain old telephone service or regular telephone lines). Security is the guaranteed feature with wireless phones. Click here to read more about cordless and wireless phones.

Wire Braid - The metal wire that covers the inner wires of a cable.

Whitelist - A predefined list of IP addresses that are allowed to send email, just the opposite of a blacklist (spam list). Click here to learn more about whitelist.

WL - Abbreviation for Wave Length

Word Processor - A program that assists in writing, correcting and editing written documents.

Worm - A program made to enter through security holes in networks.

WRAM - Windows Random Access Memory. Type of memory for video cards.

WWW - World Wide Web. The collection of web servers that form the internet.


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