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T1 Connection - An internet phone connection that supports transfer rates of up to 1.5 mb per second. Click here for in-depth information about T1 connections.

TCP/IP -   Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

TEA Co2 Laser - Transversely Excited Atmosphere Carbon Monoxide Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation. Click here to find out more about engraving with TEA lasers.

Terabyte - One trillion bytes.

Terminal - A computer without a CPU. Connected to a mainframe (or server).

Terminator - A cool movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just kidding. Wanted to see if everyone was still paying attention! This term refers to the metal end connectors on coaxial cable networks.  

TIA - Telecommunications Industries Association

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format. An image or picture file format where there is no loss of information. This type of format results in large files.

Time Bomb - A virus program that stays in your system undetected until triggered by a time event.

Thermistor - A resistor that regulates an electrical circuit based upon temperature.

Third Generation Cell Phones - 3g cell phones make it possible to have video phone calls. Yes, this means a user can look at the person they are talking to during the call.

Topaz - Name for the HP touch screen tablet. Dubbed as the "ipad killer", this pc tablet is shoring up to be strong competition to the Apple I-Pad.

Transceivers - Electronic devices that can receive and send signals.

Transducer - A device that is actuated by power from one system and supplies power in a different form to another system.

Transformer - An electrical device with magnetic coils that is used to regulate and transfer electricity from one device to another.

Transistor - An electronics component that can be used to control electrical current, power, or voltage. Here is an article about different types of transistors.

Triode - Electron tube with three electrodes.

Trojan Horse - A program that appears to do one function while actually doing another.

TTL - Time To Live. A network term that tells how long to retain data.

Turk Antenna -  An antenna (VHF and UHF signals) that attaches to a satellite tv dish. Good results with these antenna's in rural areas.

Twisted Pair - A type of network cabling where wires are wrapped around each other.


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