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Backbone - A word used to describe cable segments that connect computers in a straight line, The internet backbone is literally cable connections to computers that run throughout the world. You can find a map of them of the internet. Just search for "internet backbone".

Baluns - A transmission line transformer for converting balanced input to unbalanced output or vice versa.

Bandwidth - This refers to the amount of data that your connection can transfer and is dependant on the type of hardware that is used (i.e. -cabling, server, etc.). Abbreviated BW and measured in hertz

Barn Door - A term used to describe black bars on the sides of a TV screen when a 4:3 image is viewed on a 16:9 screen.

Barrel Connector - A double female connector used to join segments of coax cable.

Baseband - Coaxial cable that is a single channel.

BASIC - Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. A very simple computer programming language.

Batch file - A type of file used to automate tasks, namely operating system startup. This file executes commands that can start several programs at once.

Battery - A group of electrical cells that provide dc voltage.

Baud - A unit of measure for data transmission rate expressed in bits per second.

Baud Rate - The unit of measure for how fast a modem operates.

Beacon - A network signal that identifies the node upstream from a failed node.

Beam - A satellite transmission pattern.

BEDO - Burst Extended Data Out. An older type of system memory that is faster than EDO.

Beta Software - A computer program that is in a test phase. Usually distributed for free to tech savvy people that report the bugs to the programmer of the software.

Benchmark - A standard used to measure performance. For example, there are benchmark programs available to see how a computer compares to comparable systems running at equivalent speeds. Sometimes very useful for diagnosing pc problems.

Bent Pipe - A satellite network architecture where the satellite acts as a relay station for data between ground stations. Very little data processing occurs at the satellite.

BGA - Ball Grid Array

Binary System - The base 2 number system that a computer uses. Digits can only be one or zero.

Biometrics - Instead of using passwords, fingerprints and patterns of retina eye blood vessels are used for identification. Coming on strong in the computer world. Fingerprint access is available to everyone at low cost now. Chip implants in the body are being tested now.

Binary - A numbering system with a base of 2.

Bird - A slang term for a satellite

Bit - A binary digit that is 1 or 0. A string of bit's makes a byte (see below)

Bitmap - A two dimensional computer graphic image.

Bitmap Image - An image that is displayed (or stored) by the collection of individual pixels

BJT - Bipolar Junction Transistors

Black Hat SEO - This term refers to using deceptive techniques to gain high search engine rankings. Some examples are hiding text (i.e. - white letters on a white background) and cloaking.

Blog - An internet journal that is usually updated frequently. Posts are in a "diary" format. Comments are usually allowed. Click here to find out why blogs changed the face of the internet.

Bluetooth - A type of wireless communication. Here is a tutorial on Bluetooth Technologies. 

Body Browser - This Google web based interface is designed to let users identify various parts of the human body, while also search for bones, organs and muscles. It also lets users rotate a 3D image of the body, peel away skin and investigate the different layers inside. It is inspired by Google Earth and Google Maps.

Bookmarks - 1) a hyperlink within a page( Click on "B" at the top of this page and it carries you to this category). 2)Adding this page to your "Favorites" creates a bookmark.

Boolean - A variable that can only be true or false. This word is most commonly used as 'Boolean Search'. A good example of this would be, adding a plus sign (+) in front of a search term. This instructs the search engine that the term must be included in the result. Typing in +Wilsons Electronics would instruct the search engine to return results about electronics but must include the word Wilsons. See our search page for more handy Boolean search tips. Take the time to learn it as it comes in very handy for getting the results you want.

Boot - Starting or restarting a computer. "Cold boot" refers to starting the computer from when it is first turned on. "Warm boot" is restarting a pc without powering down. Here is an article to help understand more about the booting process. Boot also refers to the initial program that starts a computer.

Bot - Short for robot. Bots perform automatic functions such as serving or searching for files.

Botherder - A person who controls a botnet.

Botnet - A term that refers to a collection of computers hijacked by a virus (usually a trojan horse). All the computers can be controlled by one operator.

BPS - Bits per second.

Braid - The metal shielding material found on the outer layer of coax cable.

Brain Machine Interface - A new electronic device that analyzes slight changes in brain blood flow and translates brain motion into electrical signals. Hitachi has developed this device for users to control various electronics.

BRI - Basic Rate Interface.

Bridge - A connection between two networks.

Broadband - This term describes a data transmission technique in which multiple channels are used to transfer data. Just like cars on a road, the more lanes you have, the more traffic you can move. Same thing applies to data transfer. Click here to see an article on broadband service.

Broadband Satellite - Satellite and ground based station system used to deliver high speed internet access to small dish receivers. Namely used in rural areas.

Broadcast - To transmit a signal.

Browser - A software program that displays relevant information and allows navigation. The most common browser is an internet browser which displays web sites and allows navigation of the internet. There are other types of browsers such as picture and programming browsers.

BSC - Binary Synchronous Communication. An older IBM synchronous network protocol.

Bubble Memory - Memory that uses microscopic cells to store data. Data is retained even after the  power is shut off.

Buffer - A term used to describes a temporary storage area for data. It is stored in this buffer before it can be processed. Buffering speeds up data processing.

Bug -  An error in a software program or problems caused by a hardware malfunction.

Bus - The parts of the computer motherboard that transport data from on component to another. Bus can also mean data highway. Bus is also used to identify a linear shaped LAN (Bus topology).

Busbar - A power distribution source connected to a main circuit.

Bus Speed - How fast that data transfer occurs across an electronic circuit.

Button -  Objects in a GUI (graphical user interface) that can be 'clicked' on.

Byte - Unit of information that is compromised of 8 digits (see bit above)


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