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Radar Detector Jammer - An electronic device that 'jams' a police radar gun. Click here for more information about police radar jammers.

RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Allows data to be written to multiple hard disk drives. A must for critical data backup. Here is an article all about RAID.

RAM - Random Access Memory. This is what makes a computer really move faster. We recommend at least 1gig of memory, 2 gig or more is even better. Check out our pc tips for more info on this topic. This type of memory holds the data temporarily. Your CPU uses this as working space to process all the commands coming at it. The more space, the faster everything works. Click here for a must read article before you purchase any RAM.

Random Access - The ability to access data in any order.

RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol. A feature of Windows that allows remote access to a pc. Here is more information on RDP.

RDRAM - Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory. A newer type of system memory that can run up to 800 MHz bus speed. Lower voltage requirement, 2.5 volts, means less heat generated.

Read - In terms of computer definitions, this word means to acquire then interpret data from a storage device such as a hard drive or memory chips.  

Read only - A file that is "locked" and cannot be modified.

ReadyBoost - A Windows Vista application that uses a USB flash drive to provide additional memory capacity.

Real Estate - A computer slang term that refers to how much area (ports, memory slots) is available for upgrading.

Rectify - To convert AC voltage into DC voltage.

Redundant - In computer terms, this means to have a backup piece of hardware in the event of failure. Some examples, redundant power supplies - redundant hard drives (see RAID).

Refresh Rate - The measure of how quickly a monitor redisplays pixels. A slow refresh rate will cause monitor to "flicker". The higher the number, the quicker the refresh rate.

Registry - a Microsoft Windows registry is basically just a huge database of records. This database stores every single hardware & software configuration, settings on your computer. It is organized in a hierarchical model and can contain hundreds of thousands of entries. Here is an article that explains how to clean and backup the registry.

Repeater - A network device that increases the signal to allow data to be transmitted over longer cable distances.

Resistor - An electronic device that provides resistance to the flow path of electricity.

Resolution - This is a measurement of the number of dots displayed on a pc monitor (dpi). See our pc tips for safety information on resolution.

Respin - A software program that has flaws (bugs) and must have issues fixed before it can be released.

RFI - Radio Frequency Interference. An electrical "noise" generated by equipment operating at radio frequencies.

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification tags are part of a tracking system that uses intelligent bar codes to track items in a store. Click here for a beginners article about RFID.

RFID Chips - Radio Frequency Identification Chips are very small electronic chips that are being used to thwart DVD theft. The tiny chips are embedded, along with a thin coating, onto a DVD to render the disc useless. The RFID blocks a DVD player from reading critical information about the disk. Once activated at the retailers register, an electrical signal turns the coating clear and makes the disk playable.

Rheostat - A variable resistor.

RIMM - Rambus Inline Memory Module. A newer design of memory chips that come in 184 pin configurations. All RIMM slots must be filled for a computer to operate. See CRIMM.

Ring Topology - A network layout where the cables are connected in a circle from computer to computer.

RMS - Root Mean Square

Robot - Machines or software guided automatically to perform a specified task(s). The term robot was first coined in 1920. It is a Czechoslovakian word that means "forced labor"

Rocksmith  - A video game where a user can actually learn how to play an instrument. Any actual guitar with a standard 1/4" plug will be used as the controller.

ROM - Read Only Memory. This type of memory has a set of instructions that can only be read.

ROR - Resources for a Resource. This is an xml format that works very similar to Google sitemaps. It is a file that search engine spiders can use to index all of your websites pages. Here is an article that explains ROR in detail.

Rotational Speed - As it concerns hard drives, how fast the disk platter spins.

Router - A piece of network equipment that make it possible to send data to the correct location. Here is an article all about routers | Click here for information about ADSL wireless routers.

RMP - Revolutions Per Minute

RS-232 - A asynchronous type of serial communications port.

RS-422 - A digital type of serial communications that allows data transmission at much greater distances versus RS-232 connections.

RSS - Rich Site Summary or Remote Site Syndication. Click here for an article about how to use RSS and some tips.

RWM - Read Write Memory. An alternate name for RAM.


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