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OCR - Optical Character Recognition.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacture.

OLED - Organic Light Emitting Diode. A television that emits it's own light. Click here for more information on various types of flat panel tv's.

Ohm - A measure of electrical resistance.

OOP - Object Orientated Programming.

Operand - An instruction that specifies the data on which the operation is to take place. For example, 5 X 3 = 15. The numbers 5 and 3 are operands in the multiplication operation.

Operating System - The software that controls a computers hardware and resources.

Optical Device - A piece of hardware that uses laser beams for data transfer. CD players and burners are the best examples of this. Check out this article on CD / DVD burners.

OS - Operating System.

Oscilloscope - A device to measure electrical voltage over a period of time.

OSI - Open Systems Interconnection.

Output - The results of input from a device. For example, typing on a keyboard produces character output on the monitor.

Overload - To exceed the rated capacity of an electronic device.


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