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Nanochip - A very very small electronic chip.

Nanosecond - A billionth of a second.

Nanotechnology - The science of extremely small electronic devices. Here is more information about nanotechnology.

NAU - Network Addressable Unit.

Newbee - Slang term for someone who has just started using a computer or the internet (such as chatrooms).

Newsgroups - Groups of people sharing information. USENET is the collection of these groups on the internet. Word of Warning - know to what group you are posting and all of their rules.  There are plenty of good newsgroups still out there, you just have to wade through so much garbage before you find it. You will just have to look around and find what works for you but again, be sure of the rules before you post. Trust us, we can tell you from experience. Newsgroup tip - The best way to find quality newsgroups are internet websites that publish the newsgroup feed. You don't have to use a news reader. You can do it all through your internet browser.

NetBEUI - Netbios Extended User Interface. A type of network protocol.

Netbook - A no frills, scaled down laptop mainly intended for web browsing. Does not have the computing power of a conventional laptop, but comes at a very attractive price.

Network - A collection of computers linked together for the purpose of sharing information. Click here for basic information about networking | Click here for information of basic home networking components.

Ngram Viewer - A data visualization tool that crawls 500 billion words culled from 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 that Google has indexed in its cloud computing system.

NIC - Network Interface card. This piece of hardware, a card or built into a motherboard, connects a pc to a network much like a modem. Older cards are connected by BNC connections (looks like the cables used for tv cable). Newer NIC's use CAT5 cable with RJ45 connectors (looks like a big phone jack). Newer than that are fiber optic wires that have very small "wires" and use a connector very similar to the BNC connectors. The latest nic's are wireless. Read about wireless network cards here | Click here for instructions on how to build CAT5 cables.

Node - Term refers to a piece of hardware on a network .Computer, printers, servers on the network.

Noise - In electronics terms, any unwanted electrical signal causing interference.

NOS - Network Operating System.

Normally Closed - A switch that does allow voltage flow in it's resting state.

Normally Open - A switch that does not allow voltage flow in it's resting state.

NSP - Network Service Provider.

NSTIC - National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. Run by the US Commerce Department, it is a national cyber-identity system that gives consumers who opt in a single secure password and identity for all their digital transactions. It is intended to protect consumers from online fraud and identity theft.

NTP - Network Time Protocol. A standard protocol for the transfer of time across networks and the internet.

NTSC - Acronym for National Television Systems Committee. The current analog television broadcast standard first established in 1953.

Null - Zero or none.

NVRAM - Non Volatile Random Access Memory. Works like RAM except retains information after hardware is turned off.


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