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Machine Language - The code that a computer can understand.

Macro Virus - Infects documents such as ones created with a word processor or spreadsheets. A macro is a small program that contains instructions to automate document production.

Mainframe - Used to describe the central computer that serves data to nodes or terminals.

Malware - Malicious Software. See virus.

MARS - Multicast Address Resolution Services

Map Drive - As it applies to networking, this word refers to "pointing" to a drive that gives the user rights or privileges to some or all of the data contained therein. Once mapped, the drive will function just as if was on the local computer. The owner of the drive must "share" the drive in order to be mapped. In Windows XP, right click on "my computer" then click on "Map Network Drive" to begin the process. To stop the mapped drive, right click on "my computer" then click on "Disconnect Network Drive" to stop the mapped process. See mapping below.

Mapping - This term refers to a network assignment of a drive. See Map Drive.

MB - Mega Byte. See byte.

MBPS - Mega Bytes Per Second. Used to measure data transfer speed.

MBR - Master Boot Record.

Medium - The actual hardware on which data is stored. CD's , Floppies, Hard Drives, and RAM are some examples.

Mega - Abbreviation for one million.

Megahertz - Millions of cycles per second. This is a measure of how fast a cpu operates. Abbreviated Mhz. Here is a good article about CPU performance and explains mhz in more detail.

Menu - A list of functions or commands that a user can choose from.

Micro - Abbreviation for one millionth. Also means small.

MIDI - Musical Interface Device.

Milli - Abbreviation for one thousandth.

Millisecond - One thousand of a second.

Mirrored Drives - Two hard drives that simultaneously write the same data. This is done where data backup is crucial. In the event one hard drive fails, the other one serves as the backup. See also RAID.

M Law -  a theory that requires there to be 10 or 11 dimensions to our universe.

Modem - An acronym for MOdulator / DEModulator. The modem is a device that will connect a computer to the internet over regular telephone lines. Also used in FAX machines and other various electronics devices.

Modify - To alter a file from its original state.

Monitor - The video screen on which computer video output is displayed.

Moore's Law - Intel co-founder Gordon Moore predicted in 1965 that the number of transistors on a microchip would double every two years. This observation became known as Moore's Law.

MOS - Metal Oxide Semiconductor.

MOSFET - Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.

Motherboard - This term refers to the main circuit board in a pc. Here is basic information about motherboards.

MRAM - magnetoresistive random-access memory. A new type of 'universal' memory that retains information by magnetism. Very fast and does not degrade unlike flash memory. Retains information in the absence of electricity. The possibility of turning on your computer with no boot up process is just around the corner with this emerging technology.

Multimeter - A tool used to measure amps, volts and ohms.

Multitasking - Doing more than one task at a time. This can apply to software (user input) and hardware (pc operations).

Mute - Silent.

MySQL - A web based database for content, settings, users and etc.


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