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Keyword - The words internet search engines looks for based upon a search query. Most web pages have "hidden" keywords. For example, go to view on your menu, then click on source. You should see a "meta tag" listed called "keywords". This set of words instructs the search engine robot as to what keywords are relevant to this page. Spammers have taken advantage of this meta tag over the years, thus making its relevance very low to almost ignored by search engine robots.

KFoam - produced by Koppers Inc., this highly conductive but porous material is set to revolutionize the computer chip industry with its heat transfer capabilities. Improvements in heat management in electronics at a low cost make this high strength material the heat sinks of the future. Produced from a mesophase pitch (derived from coal tar), it is heated at 2800 deg C to form a graphite structure that can be machined into any shape desired.

kHz - Kilohertz. 1000 Hertz cycles per second. See hertz.

Kilo - Abbreviation for 1000.

K-Type Connector - A coax connector used in high frequency applications.


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