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Jacket - The outside covering of a cable or wire.

Jam - When a device media becomes lodged and will not exit under normal conditions. Printer paper frequently jams due to dirt / dust in the printer or bad paper. Compact disks are prone to jams. Be aware that the type of formatting used for a recordable disks can cause the disk not to eject. Restart the system and push the eject button during boot up to get the disk out. If all else fails, straighten a paperclip and insert into the tiny hole on the front of the CD drive. Push the paperclip firmly into the hole and the tray will open. To close the drive, the power must be on, use the normal eject button to close. Jam can also refer to a network signal that indicates a data collision.

Java - A type of programming that adds interactivity to internet pages. It can be used for malicious intents (java applets). Want to learn more about Java? Here is a good resource for tips and information.

Joule - A measurement of watts. One joule is equal to one watt per second.

JPEG - Joint Photo Experts Group. The most common type of image or picture file format.

Jumper - A connector used to configure hardware to a certain setting by means of making contact with two pins. Usually on motherboards. Not as much to configure by jumpers since newer hardware is configured by the bios.

Jumper Block - Refers to the pins that a jumper is applied to.


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