PC Security Tips

Computer Security Tips


Never give any passwords to anyone. Email scams asking for account information (usually bank info) usually contain phishing viruses. They will even have official logos. Do not respond to the email. Do not click on any links. No one, that is legitimate, will ask you to email account information. Report them immediately.

Always use passwords with 6 or more characters. Use a combination of letters and numbers for better security.


Fraudulent Paypal and Ebay emails that request you to follow specific links are the most common. Another, emails stating you have won a huge prize or inherited a large sum of money, you are just wasting your time with a well known check scam where they ask you to send them a check first to cover costs of the transactions.

Unless you know where it come from, just delete it, and don't dare open it.

Antivirus / Spyware

Always install antivirus software. Want a free antivirus program? Go to clamwin and download a Windows based program. The only things we have noticed that are kind of annoying is the splash screen when opening the email program and the lag while it is scanning emails. Other than that, user friendly, easy to download, and free.

So much spyware is out there, sometimes it's hard to detect until it's too late! The best programs we can recommend are Spybot and AdAware. The great part, they are free of cost and free from adware and spyware. Also be aware that a lot of freeware contains spyware. NoNags website offers good freeware that has passed spyware tests, so feel free to download from their site. Go to our free software page for NoNags link. One popular site to be cautious with is download.com. Numerous "free" programs contain spyware and adware.

Using the right internet browser can prevent spyware from infecting your computer. Mozilla FireFox is a very secure browser and it's free. It also comes with some very cool webmaster tools. Do not waste your time with Apple Safari. Our trial of the version for Windows was terrible. Too many error dialog boxes to mention.

isearch Toolbar - This nasty sypware program is very difficult to get rid of. As an added bonus this scum of the software industry also installs 180 search assistant for your unwanted pleasure. One symptom of this toolbar is a popup window calling for SuperMWindow to shutdown. The company claims that it is not spyware. But they are gracious enough to offer a removal tool for the program at a cost of $29. How nice of them. Do not install this toolbar or you will most certainly regret it. We have tried all the registry fixes on the news posts and all the well known cleaners. It does not work. The best and quickest fix for the SuperMWindow problem is to reformat the hard drive.

Lastest tip - Having trouble installing AVG Free 2011? When you download AVG free 2011, save it to the desktop and then run the installer. If you do not do this and save it to any other folder, the AVG installer will not install. The install screen will show 'please wait' and then close. So, again it must be saved to the desktop. Also be sure to run a custom installation to avoid having the useless toolbar installed.


Make frequent backups of data that is important. We cannot over emphasize this enough. This is one of the most important things you can do if losing data is not an option. Not only will a virus cause you problems, but hardware failures can catch you by surprise. Windows comes with an easy to use backup feature.

As most people are running Windows, let Microsoft do their job. Run the automatic updates, as this will keep bad things from happening in the first place.

Always ensure that an old hard drive is clean before discarding. Just because a file is deleted does not mean that it cannot be recovered. Darik's Boot and Nuke can be downloaded at dban.sourceforge.net. The program will properly destruct data.

Use a Firewall -  1)hardware firewall  - use a router capable of encryption. 2) Software firewall - Windows XP, Vista and 7 comes with a software firewall. Turn it on.


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