The wonders of technology: The GPS Navigation System Explained


The rapid improvement in technology has significantly improved the quality of life man. It has made living easy and convenient. It has made finding solutions to relatively complex problems fast and simple.

In the past, the world seemed so big. Finding locations in big countries or any place for that matter was a complicated endeavor. Hence, this hampered the fast delivery of information and communication. It is a known fact that, information is the key to attain power and to succeed in businesses.

With the dawn of the rapid change in technology, finding places are as easy as ABC. Now, the world seems so small. In few seconds, places are tracked easily. Getting lost is now a thing of the past.

Devices are invented to find the exact location of people, places and events in just a snap. One of these devices is the Global Positioning System or simply called GPS Navigation System.

The GPS Navigation System provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time. There are four GPS satellite signals used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock. This explains the reliability of the information retrieved from this device.

The GPS Navigation System was designed by and is controlled by the United States Department of Defense. This can be used by anybody for free. It is divided into three segments: namely, the space, the control and the user. The space segment consists of the GPS satellite constellation of at least 24 satellites in an intermediate circular orbit (ICO). The control segment comprises ground stations around the world that are responsible for monitoring the flight paths of the GPS satellites, synchronizing the satellites' onboard atomic clocks, and uploading data for transmission by the satellites. The user segment consists of the GPS receivers used by both military and civilian.

The system is used by numerous civilians, who can use the GPS's Standard Positioning Service worldwide free of charge. The GPS Navigation System may be bought to the tune of $100 to $200 and are widely available. A set is often combined in a bundle with a Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) likened to a palm pilot, a car computer or vehicle tracking system. The system is used as a navigation aid in airplanes, ships and cars.

It is observed that the taxi cabs in the big cities of highly industrialized countries such as New York and Tokyo have this GPS Navigation System to complement the fast life in the city.

The system is used by computer controlled harvesters, mine trucks and other vehicles to facilitate the work.

Hand held devices are used by mountain climbers and hikers. With the GPS Navigation System at hand, climbing and hiking have become more safe and fun.

Glider pilots use the logged signal to verify their arrival at turnpoints in competitions.

Professionals such as land surveyors improved their crafts with the help of the GPS Navigation System.

Commercial use can be land measurement, navigation and road construction.

Parents worry less now about the whereabouts of their children because the GPS Navigation System provides them information of where their kids are.

Since this device was designed and is being controlled by the military, it is primarily used for monitoring the security of a country from any terrorist activities or any criminal acts for that matter.

The invention of the GSP Navigation System is something everybody must be thankful about.

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