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I would love to be able to use DSL or Cable internet service, but being way out here in the boon docks, it isnít possible. I could easily sign up for satellite internet if I wanted to pay one hundred dollars a month for it. No thank you! Iím cheap and I like it that way! But, that leaves me with dial-up, and everyone knows dial-up is sad. Sad and slow, especially if the phone company havenít updated the outside wires since 1950. So I add static noise to sad and slow.

Dial-up isnít all that bad anymore, though. Theyíve added accelerators, boosters, turbos, speedband and all sorts of stuff to make your surfing better, faster, and more enjoyable. And, it works most of the time. Even the cheapest ISPís include these accelerators for under ten dollars a month. I chose one without a ĎMy Homeí page; that alone makes it a winner for me. Itís neat, clean and fast for less money and no stress. They get me online quickly and thatís all I ask of them.

Iíve used other services that force a home page on you. Iíve even used the ĎBig Oneí a time or two. You know, the one that sends out the free cdís so crafters can make those neat wind chimes? By the way, I wonder if their subscribers realize theyíre paying for all those wind chimes?

I donít mind trying new ispís, but I avoid those that insist on including a ĎHome Pageí. I donít like their intrusive way of doing business. The home page is so Ďbusyí I canít find what Iím looking for. I looked for five minutes one time for my account link. The window was full of news, movie stars and sales ads; none of which Iím interested in. Itís so crowded with Ďstuffí along its borders, it reminds me of my attic.

They usually arenít user friendly either, at least not to this user. When I feel the stress begin to build, I minimize their window and open a new IE window. A couple Iíve tried wonít allow me to use a Blank home page (which is what I do with IE). To get online with the service, I must open their slow-loading, image-filled page. Being forced to do anything causes stress and who needs it? Not me!

I donít want an intrusive update downloaded every time I log on and off, either, and I donít want to be ignored when I say no thanks. Paying thirty dollars a month for services that are certainly no better than ISPís charging ten dollars or less is incomprehensible to me. Why would anyone waste their hard-earned cash like that? Especially those paying with their Social Security allowance. Not this cheapskate!

There are many cheap ISPís to check out. Support is always good on those Iíve used, and when theyíre new businesses you know they try harder. Give them a chance.

Search Ďcheap ispsí and save some money; you might even save yourself some stress, and thatís what itís all about. Iím running a wonderful one I began this month. I was charged only .99 cents for the first month, and that includes the accelerator! I wonít tell you the name though, unless they give me a yearís free service.


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