DTV Information

DTV (Digital Television) Information

The United States Congress Passed a law on February 1st 2006 that set a final deadline for television stations to convert over the air analog TV broadcasting signal to digital TV broadcasting by June 12th, 2009.

This means that anyone receiving over the air broadcasts must have a digital TV or a DTV converter box by that deadline to receive over the air programming.

This is being done because DTV allows the same number of stations to broadcast using fewer channels. This will free up valuable resources to be used by new services. DTV also affords the viewer higher quality picture and sound.

There is some discussion that Verison Wireless is about to release a nationwide broadband network across the spectrum of the old analog channels. They bought the rights from the FCC and are developing the technology. This would mean wireless networks that send and receive in a 360 degree pattern from the tower and extend for 50 plus miles.

As of March 1st 2007, all televisions sold in the United States must have digital tuner. Also, as of May 25th 2007, all retailers must disclose any TV receiving equipment that has an analog tuner only.

If you purchase a digital television, be sure it is has a digital tuner. Some digital monitors are sold and additional equipment must be purchased to receive over the air broadcasts.

DTV Antenna Recommendation

If your looking for a DTV antenna, we recommend an outdoor type as first choice for rural areas. For urban dwellings, try to go with the outside antenna if you can, if not, go for the best outdoor dtv antenna one you can afford. Make sure that you use a sturdy mount. This will pay off when adverse weather conditions put the antenna to the test.

The antenna that is used currently with analog receptions is ok for DTV broadcast as long as the antenna receives UHF channels.

HDTV to Analog Converter

The FCC is no longer issuing $40 vouchers that could be applied to the purchase of a digital to analog tv converter. 

As the price of HDTV's continue to fall, it would only make sense to invest in a TV that has a digital tuner already built in.


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